10 Teams to Bet on in Canada

A walkthrough of the top Canadian teams to place online bets on

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June 13th, 2022
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While Canada is the home of top-level hockey, Canadians display a passion for all types of sports. In this blog, we look at some of the best sports teams in Canada, providing an overview of the top Canada-focused betting options.

Montreal Canadiens

The most popular sport in Canada is without a doubt hockey. There are a bunch of NHL teams that play in Canada as well as in the United States. The Montreal Canadiens were one of the better teams in the entire league just a year ago. This team made it all the way to the Stanley Cup Finals before losing in 2021 to the Tampa Bay Lightning.

This past season though, they blew their team up and started to rebuild. Next year there is some promise that they could get back to the playoffs. This offseason already kicked off for them with hiring a new head coach, and some talented players are out there that they could add in free agency to quickly turn this team around. There is a lot to bet on with hockey teams that go outside of just wins and losses and the Candiens could surprise some people with this roster they could be putting out there next season.

NHL teams are guaranteed to play 82 games, so there will be plenty of action to bet on next year for the Canadiens. Whether this team is good or not next season, hockey fans can enjoy player prop bets or some nice odds for the Candiens to win some games.

Vancouver Canucks

The Canucks play in one of the biggest cities on the West coast of Canada, Vancouver. This city has a rich history of sports teams that also include the Vancouver Grizzlies formerly of the NBA, the Vancouver Whitecaps in the MLS, and the BC Lions in the CFL.

The Canucks have struggled recently in the NHL, as they have only made the playoffs once since 2016. As there are a ton of regular season games in the NHL, that means there are a ton of bets to be made. For those who reside in one of the coolest cities in North America, the Canucks should be a fun team to watch and bet on.

They unfortunately have one of the toughest divisions in the entire league as they have to play the Calgary Flames, LA Kings, Las Vegas Golden Knights, and the Edmonton Oilers who made a deep playoff run in the 2022 playoffs.

While the Canucks may be near the bottom in the division, they get to play a ton of great teams in their division, which makes for some fun games to bet on and watch throughout the hockey season.

Calgary Flames

The Flames are a Canadian team that plays out of Calgary, and they were one of the best teams in 2022. They were able to make it to the playoffs as one of the top seeds. The first round for the Flames turned out to be a tough series, but the Flames managed to win it in seven games. It was followed by a disappointing second round where they were eliminated in just five games. Johnny Gaudreau had a standout season for the team, and this franchise is exciting about the potential he has long term with the team.

Calgary competes in the Pacific Division, which is the same as the Vancouver Canucks. It is one of the toughest divisions in the NHL, but they mamanged to come out on top of it this season. It will never be an easy division to come out on top of, and it is a good sign that this team should be competitive in the upcoming years.

Calgary is one of just two NHL teams that play in Alberta along with the Edmonton Oilers, who are also a competitive team in the NHL almost every year.

Edmonton Oilers

Another team from the Pacific Division and Alberta, Canada is the Edmonton Oilers. This team had a very successful 2022 season, as they have made it all the way to the conference finals. Currently, they are losing 0-2 in that series, but they are hoping for a turnaround to win their first conference championship since 2006.

The Oilers have never won a Stanley Cup championship, but this current team they have is promising and in the next few years they could continue to compete for that trophy and title. The Oilers may have the single best player currently in the NHL in Connor McDavid, who has led them this far. He is young and should be on the Oilers for a long time to hopefully get them a Stanley Cup trophy soon.

With likely over 82 games coming next year for the Oilders, assuming they make the playoffs, there will be a ton of action to bet on for Edmonton and NHL fans throughout the year.

Toronto Raptors

The Raptors are the only NBA team in Canada. Due to this, almost every Canadian is now a Raptors fans. It is easy to root for this team as well as they have made the playoffs eight of the past nine seasons and are usually a competitive and fun team to watch each year. They even won the championship back in 2019 with one of the stars of the league, Kawhi Leonard.

Now, they still have talent with the Rookie of the Year Scottie Barnes in the NBA last season and their other franchise player, Pascal Siakam, still on the roster. For those who love basketball, the Raptors are a good team to follow and cheer for.

The NBA has 82 games, just like the NHL, so there are plenty of opportunities to bet on Raptors games throughout the season. As they are likely to make the playoffs, there will be even more games to bet on every year.

A bet on Scottie Barnes to win the Rookie of the Year after he was drafted was probably an extremely profitable one to take as he selected just fourth overall.

Winnipeg Blue Bombers

There currently are not any NFL teams in Canada, but they do arguably have the second-best American Football league in the world, the Canadian Football League. One of the best teams in that league is the Winnepeg Blue Bombers. The Blue Bombers have won the championship in the CFL the past two seasons.

Many of the players in the CFL were slightly not good enough to stick on a roster in the NFL or played a few seasons in the NFL but got cut. It makes this league extremely competitive with some of the top football talent in the world.

The games are fun, fast-paced, and can feature a lot of offense with some big names like Winnepeg's Kenny Lawler who was a star wide receiver at Cal Berkley and was drafted in to the NFL before playing with the Winnepeg Blue Bombers. He led the CFL in receiving yards last season. A deal with the Edmonton Elks to bring Lawler there was vetoed due to a rule that each team needs a certain number of Candadian-born players on their roster each season.

The CFL has 18 games over 21 weeks, which is slightly higher than the amount of games played in the NFL at 17. These games are fun and the Blue Bombers are one of the best teams to watch as they go for their third straight championship next season.

Saskatchewan Roughriders

The CFL team with the second-best betting odds to win the championship are the Saskatchewan Roughriders. They have been a good team for the past few seasons and many believe that it is their year to win the CFL championship.

This team is led by their quarterback Kenny Fajardo, who has been with the team since 2019 after playing with the Oakland Raiders in the NFL and then two other CFL teams. He was one of the leaders in the CFL the past year in both passing yards and touchdowns. A big year is expected from Fajardo to lead them to a championship, which they haven't won since 2015.

NFL betting is one of the biggest markets to place wagers on in the United States and Canadians both love to watch and bet on the CFL as well. These games have plenty of action and can draw huge amount of fans at each game.

The Saskatchewan Roughriders should be a team to follow closely this year as they look to make a push at a championship after having a strong season last year.

Toronto Blue Jays

Canada's only MLB team plays in Toronto, and they have one of the best young teams in the league. Recently, this team has not been that competitive, but this current year they have developed that young talent to be able to win a lot of games. It is a promising season for the Blue Jays as they look to make a playoff run this season.

The best part about betting on baseball is that they are gauanrteed to play so many games. Every regular season has 162 games. That means there are plenty of games to bet on whether tha be betting on the runs total, the final outcome, or on individual player props. MLB teams play almost everyday during the season as well, so for those bettors who like to play everyday, they can bet on their Canadian team whenever they like.

Throughout the season the Blue Jays have increased their betting odds of winning the World Series. Betting on them to win it this year would be a good value bet, but this team is still young. Anything can happen for the Blue Jays and there is no doubt that they have talent. We will have to see how the season plays out for Toronto, but the future is bright for this team.

Vancouver Whitecaps FC

Vancouver was the second team from the MLS to play in Canada. They have a great stadium that they share with the BC Lions from the CFL. In 2016 they had the highest average attendance out of any team in the MLS. Vancouver fans love going to these games as the stadium is right downtown and the game action is exciting. That average attendance is just over 22,000 fans per night.

While the fans show up and support the Whitecaps each and every year, they have yet to be very competitive in the MLS since joining the league back in 2011. It is rare that they can enjoy a winning season, but the fans will still show up, and there are plenty of betting opportunites to be had in the MLS as they have 34 guaranteed regular season games.

Betting on football is one of the most popular sports to bet on for people in the United Kingdom and all of Europe. In Canada, fans can make these same bets on some of their local teams that compete in the MLS. The most popular bet is to wager on the winner of the game, and in soccer, it is not uncommon to have a tie where the bet wager is either returned or bettors can bet on the match to end in a tie for an even larger payout.

CF Montreal

Canada's latest MLS team is CF Montreal. While they just recently joined the MLS, this team has been around for a long time before that as they were created back in 1993 and were a part of the APSL and A-League, among various other leagues for a long time before joining the MLS.

They were eventually added to the MLS in just 2012 as an expansion team after the success of the nearby Toronto FC in the same league. An instant rivalry was born between these two teams due to the fact that they are the two largest cities in Canada and are close geographically. This seems to be a common theme between Montreal and Toronto teams.

This team relies heavily on soccer talent from the country of Canada as well as over half of the team was born there. Due to this fact, they are even more popular there with the Canadian locals. They even have a French born player as French is a popular language amount those living in Montreal.

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