Golf Betting Tips

New to online golf betting? Check out these tips for novices...

Tore GillTore Gill
February 28th, 2023
Golf betting
Golf betting tips

When betting on golf, you will need a keen understanding of the sport and a head for numbers. At, we have put together a list of tips and considerations for golf bettors looking for an edge in the game:

Course Form

When making your golf betting predictions, course form is a major consideration. Say you are researching a tournament, it pays to look at the results from the previous five years at the same course to see if any familiar names appear in the top 30. It's not often by chance that a certain player gets significant screen time. When a player's visual aesthetic and physical characteristics match those of a particular course, that course tends to play well for that player. As much as anything else, golf is a mental game, and when a player returns to a course where he or she feels positive energy, it often shows.


Golf betting is all about picking players who are currently on top of their game, so it's important to look at how they're currently performing. A good rule of thumb is to look back at the previous three weeks and focus in on players who have been improving over that time.

To win a golf tournament, you need to be in good form, which means you have a good swing and good ball striking, and you also need to be confident in your ability to do well on the greens. In general, you should avoid playing with any player who hasn't played in over three weeks.


It is crucial in golf betting to know the specific attributes of your players and the key metrics the course requires, as different courses suit different players. For example, the shorter hitters will have a harder time on a golf course that plays 7,500 yards. Players who fare well on Bermuda greens should be sought out if the course features that grass.

Weather Conditions

As a final consideration, the weather and the luck of the draw are two of the most influential factors in golf betting. The early and late starters, we believe, were completely eliminated from the 2010 British Open Championship. If you want to beat the wind and play on the best greens, you should get out there early. Our gut tells us that people who begin their workweeks late Thursday or early Friday have a mental edge. Some athletes perform better under pressure.

In order to succeed as a golf bettor, you'll need a wide range of abilities, including the ability to analyse data, calculate odds, manage your bankroll and take calculated risks, and formulate sound strategies.

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