5 Teams to Bet on in New Jersey

Online sports betting options in NJ explored

John CroyJohn Croy
June 14th, 2022
NJ online sports betting
The best NJ sports teams to place online wagers on

New Jersey is one of the biggest online betting markets in the US. But, what NJ-based sports team can bettors wager on?

New Jersey Devils

The Devils are the NHL team in the great state of New Jersey. They unfortunately haven't been as competitive lately as they were in the mid 1990s through the early 2000s when they won the Stanley Cup three times. The first time they won was in 1995, then again in 2000, and their last championship was in 2003. Since 2013 though, they have only made the playoffs one time.

To bet on the local teams they don't have to always be good. There are always bets to be had against them or betting on them as the underdog, which can return some big payouts if they do win. Some of the best action to bet on, and the bets that can be easier to find value in, are player prop bets. Regardless if the team is competitive or not, betting on a player prop for a certain number of goals or saves in any given game is a good way to get in on the action.

NHL teams play 82 regular season games, so there are plenty of opportunities to get in on some bets throughout the long season with the New Jersey Devils.

Seton Hall Pirates

Arguably the biggest betting event in the United States each year is the NCAA Men's Basketball Tournament. This month-long tournament has games all day to start where anyone can watch these nationally-televised games from the morning through the night. Since this tournament is single elimination, any team has a chance to upset a bigger and more precious basketball program.

One team that is not known as one of the top basketball schools in the country is Seton Hall located in South Orange, New Jersey. Yet, they seem to make the tournament a lot as they have been in it five times since 2016, which includes an appearance this season in 2022.

Seton Hall plays in the Big East, which is one of the best conferences in the entire NCAA. Even if they don't win the Big East Conference Tournament, they still can find a path to get into the tournament through their strength of schedule and having a solid track record in the regular season. That is how they made it into the tournament this past year. This team beat some impressive teams this past season including beating No. 4 Michigan, No. 7 Texas, and putting up 110 points in their season opener.

Saint Peter's Peacocks

Every NCAA Men's Basketball Tournament seems to have a Cinderella team that goes on a deep run. This school is usually one that not many people have heard of. This year, in 2022, the Saint Peter's Peacocks were that team. The college is located in Jersey City in New Jersey and they won a lot of people a lot money who bet on them to win multiple games in massive upsets during the NCAA Tournament.

Saint Peter's beat the No. 2 Kentucky Wildcats in the first round of the tournament, then beat Murray State, and Purdue before losing to North Carolina who went on to the National Championship. Betting on them to win in any of those games would have tripled, quadrupled, or had even bigger returns than that. It was truly a great run, and next season there should be plenty of hype around them from bettors.

Next year could see a lot of futures bets on them to win their conference and make it back to the NCAA Tournament. From there, they could be picked as another team to upset some bigger schools yet again. They also have 20-30 games on their regular season schedule for next year.

Princeton Tigers

Princeton is one of the most prestigious academic colleges in the United States, but they also have a good sports program for an Ivy League school. Located in Princeton, New Jersey, the Tigers have had some success in a handful of different sports.

One of the biggest betting events in the United States each year is around the NCAA Basketball tournament. The last time the Tigers made it was in 2017, however. There are still bets to be made on who will win the Ivy League in basketball, which Princeton always has a shot at. Since 2001 they have won it four times.

Other sports they excel in are: Lacrosse, which they have won the National Championship six times in and Golf, which they have won eight National Championships in.

The next big sporting event coming up in the fall for Princeton will be football. They have a near 30,000 person stadium and play against teams like Harvard and Yale. Their football team went 9-1 last season.

New York Giants

The New York Giants have New York in their name, but they actually play in New Jersey in East Rutherford. The New York Jets also play in New Jersey in the same building, MetLife Stadium. It feels like a long time ago that the Giants won the Super Bowl with Eli Manning as their quarterback back in 2011 after they also won it in 2007. Since 2011 they have only made it back to the playoffs one time.

This team is searching for a quarterback and many people think that Daniel Jones is not the answer. Still, this team has one of the best running backs in the league in Saquon Barkley as well as some exciting young wide receivers to watch.

The Giants are in one of the easiest divisions in football, so anything can happen with their season. A true underdog bet that would payout big time would be picking them to win the NFC East division. The Dallas Cowboys may have regressed and the Philadelphia Eagles may not be as good as people think they could be this year. The only other team in the division is the Washington Commanders, who could turn out to be the worst in the division.

The Giants are guaranteed 17 regular season games now since the NFL added one more game to the schedule last year.

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