NFL Online Betting: 10 Best Free Agent Signings

We look at the latest NFL free agent signings, offering picks and odds courtesy of our online sports betting partners

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June 26th, 2022
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If you are big into your NFL betting, you will be closely following the latest player signings. The NFL offseason saw a lot of players join new teams. While a ton of teams made big trades, there were also a decent amount of players added via free agency who will make a big impact for their new franchises come next season. These players have all signed with new teams this offseason and should play big roles while making their new squad a whole lot better.

In this blog, we look at the latest NFL transfers, offering picks and odds courtesy of our online sports betting partners.

10. Christian Kirk Jacksonville Jaguars

The Jacksonville Jaguars haven't been good for quite some time. Last season was a disaster with their new franchise quarterback Trevor Lawrence and Urban Meyer, who was fired after just 13 games with the team. Lawrence was thrown into the wolves as he had little protection or targets to throw to with DJ Chark Jr. injured and little else as far as weapons. The Jaguars and Lawrence hopefully got their guy in Kirk to make a dangerous duo for many years to come.

Kirk signed a massive deal to go to Jacksonville after four years in Arizona. Last season, Kirk had nearly 1,000 yards receiving and five touchdowns as the second or third option. He will get a chance to make a big impact as the No. 1 wide receiver in Jacksonville next year. With Kirk and some other big free agency signings, the Jaguars are looking to compete next year for a playoff spot.

9. Stephon Gilmore Indianapolis Colts

One of the best cornerbacks in the NFL for the past 10 years has been Stephon Gilmore. Gilmore has been in the NFL since 2012 and is now 31-years-old. After being a lockdown corner for the Buffalo Bills, Gilmore then played for the New England Patriots where he won a Super Bowl. After that, he played one season with the Carolina Panthers last year. Gilmore was only able to play eight games with the Panthers.

In the offseason the Indianapolis Colts signed him to a big deal that made him a top-20 paid cornerback in the league. Indianapolis is hoping that adding Gilmore will put this team's already great defense over the top in the AFC South. The Colts also traded for NFL veteran Matt Ryan to be their starting quarterback as they are going all in on the next couple of seasons to win a Super Bowl.

8. Marquez Valdes-Scantling Kansas City Chiefs

The Kansas City Chiefs traded away their No. 1 wide receiver and one of the best wideouts in the NFL in Tyreek Hill. One of the Chiefs' big moves to replace Hill was to sign the former Green Bay Packer, Marquez Valdes-Scantling, to a big contract over the next three years that will pay him $30 million in total. 

Valdes-Scantling was either the No. 2 or 3 option in Green Bay every year, and now he should get the chance to be the featured wide receiver in an offense with Kansas City. He hasn't had a season yet where he put up big numbers, but this season should be his greatest yet on a team with Super Bowl hopes. One year Valdes-Scantling led the NFL in yards per catch, which should bode well for a big play team like the Chiefs.

7. Foyesade Oluokun Jacksonville Jaguars

After four years in the NFL with the Atlanta Falcons, Foyesade Oluokun has made himself a lot of money. Last year Oluokun was one of the best defensive players in the entire league, and he will look to make a big impact on the Jacksonville Jaguars. The Jaguars are in the middle of a big overhaul of their entire roster. Last season they added what they hope is a franchise changing quarterback in Trevor Lawrence, and this offseason they have added tons of talented players through free agency, including Oluokun.

Jacksonville is getting the reigning leading tackler in the NFL in Oluokun. He had 192 combined tackles in 2021 and 102 solo tackles. Oluokun is also a playmaker on defense. He had three interceptions from the middle linebacker position last year and four forced fumbles the year before.

6. Haason Reddick Philadelphia Eagles

Haason Reddick had a breakout season in the NFL in his fourth year in the league with 12.5 sacks. In his next season, last year, he continued that with 11 sacks. Before his fourth year, his season high in sacks was just four. This production was enough to get him a nice deal with Carolina last year and now with the Philadelphia Eagles. The Eagles had a better than expected season last year, and now they are loading up on talent to make a run at the Super Bowl after getting into the Wildcard last season.

The Eagles already had a team that was built behind their solid defense. With Reddick, they should be even better as they have an elite pass rusher locked up for the next three years. Over those three seasons Reddick will be paid $15 million per year.

5. Terron Armstead Miami Dolphins

The Miami Dolphins are another team going all in on being a good team these next couple of years. Their big move that made headlines was trading for Tyreek Hill, the big-play wide receiver from the Chiefs. An underrated move was signing Terron Armstead to protect their quarterback, Tua Tagovailoa. Tagovailoa hasn't had a great chance to actually show how good he can be. Singing Armstead and getting Hill are two huge moves for Miami and Tagovailoa. There are no more excuses now for Miami not to be good.

The Dolphins are committed to Armstead for the next five years. He will be making $15 million per year under this contract. Armstead had played his entire career up to this point with the New Orleans Saints protecting Drew Brees. Now he will get the chance to get paid a big contract and be a part of a team that has high hopes for the next few seasons.

4. Brandon Scherff Jacksonville Jaguars

The Dolphins were not the only team to upgrade their offensive line in a big way. The Jacksonville Jaguars signed Brandon Scherff to a massive deal for an offensive guard. This deal made him the highest paid offensive guard in the NFL by average salary per year at $16.5 million. It also locks in Scherff for three years. The Jaguars are spending this offseason to compete now with their young franchise quarterback, Trevor Lawrence. 

Before this upcoming year, Scherff spent his entire career with Washington since 2015. Recently, he has been one of the best offensive lineman in the NFL. It will be extremely important for the Jaguars to protect their quarterback to give him a chance to get it to all of his new weapons on offense. The Jaguars hope they are building something big here with all these new additions.

3. JC Jackson Los Angeles Chargers

There is no clear-cut favorite in the AFC West. All four teams have a chance to win the Super Bowl. It is hard to say the impact that JC Jackson will have with the Chargers based on that, but they expect it to be great. Jackson is a lockdown corner who has been in the league for four years with the Patriots before getting his shot at a big contract. He got it here over five years for $16.5 million per season.

The last two seasons Jackson has had nine and then eight interceptions for the Patriots. Los Angeles is hoping that some of that playmaking will translate next season with them. That kind of playmaking can change a game with just one play.

2. Chandler Jones Las Vegas Raiders

Pass rushing is paramount in the NFL. Besides the quarterback position, many people say the most impactful position to have on a roster is a good pass rusher. Chandler Jones has proven that he can be that in the NFL. He is on the older side, 32-years-old, but still has a lot left to offer. The Raiders gave him a three-year deal for $17 million per season to sack the quarterback.

Jones has been a sack machine in his career so far. One year he led the league in sacks with 17 in 2017, and then he had 19 sacks in 2019. He also led the NFL in forced fumbles in that 2019 season with eight of them. The Raiders are hoping he brings that same energy to Las Vegas next year.

1.Von Miller Buffalo Bills

The Buffalo Bills are the betting favorite to win the Super Bowl this season. Getting an elite pass rusher in Von Miller is part of the reason for that. People thought Miller's career was winding down in Denver after a serious injury and then an underwhelming season. A change of scenery was just what he needed. He was arguably the best defender on the Rams during their Super Bowl run last season. The Bills are hoping he can be that again but for them next year. 

In a surprising move they paid Miller a ton of money on a lengthy six-year contract for $20 million per year. That was over the market ask and it will put him right at 39 at the end of the deal.

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