Online Betting Picks: Can the Toronto Blue Jays Win the World Series?

Betting odds on Toronto Blue Jays to win the World Series!

Jennifer SparrowJennifer Sparrow
June 30th, 2022
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If you are a keen baseball bettor then your attention will no doubt be on the 2022 World Series. While many teams are in contention, the Toronto Blue Jays have some of the best young talent in the MLB, making them a force to be reckoned with. Their lineup is full of young players who are some up and coming stars in the league, and they are finally starting to figure it out as a team this season. So far, about halfway through the MLB season, the Blue Jays have a respectable record of 41-32.

This puts them as a current Wild Card team in the American League. Many people have high hopes for this Blue Jays team and expect them to be one of the teams that is a serious contender for the World Series even. The Blue Jays have only made the playoffs once since 2016, so even a playoff berth would be a welcome sign for Toronto fans. Fans and others around baseball expect the Blue Jays to be potentially one of the top contenders to come out of the AL. In this article let's dig into the 2022 Toronto Blue Jays and see if there is a path for them to win the World Series this year. We will be providing odds from many of our partner betting sites, ensuring you are well-informed going into your baseball betting sessions.

A Strong Start to the Season

To start things out we have to go back to last season when the Blue Jays really began to come into their own as a team. This team was even younger last year but they had a solid winning season. In a shortened season the Blue Jays started the year off hot, which is important. Then in September they became exceptionally hot, winning eight games in a row at one point and 15 of 17 games. This had them right there for playoff contention as we were getting close to the postseason. The end of the regular season was just okay for them though and they ended the year with a record of 91-71. This seems like a respectable record, but in the 2021 MLB only five teams made the playoffs from each league and they were ultimately the last team eliminated. It was heartbreaking after having such a good record, looking like one of the best teams in all of baseball during September, and all that to not make the playoffs.

This year, the Blue Jays are currently fourth in the AL. In the MLB, six teams will make the playoffs in each league, so there is a little more room for them to squeeze in. For the Blue Jays, it looks like they will not win their division as the Yankees have been dominating the regular season so far. The Wild Card race isn't a cake walk either, as the Blue Jays have just a three-game lead over the seventh placed Cleveland Guardians. So, the first step for the Blue Jays will be to hold this position in the Wild Card for the rest of the season. After that, anything can happen.

Toronto Blue Jays: A Team Full of Talent!

This team is full of talent. If they are able to improve even further as we approach the August 2nd trade deadline, the Blue Jays should be buyers to make a push for the World Series come playoffs time. When looking at this roster it seems that there are little to no holes, and the players that make up this batting lineup are some of the best at their respective positions.

The Importance of Vladimir Guerrero Jr

Their star player is Vladimir Guerrero Jr. is just 23 years old but is already in his fourth MLB season. After a tremendous year last season where he hit .311 with 48 home runs, some of those numbers have fallen off a bit. That could be good news for the Blue Jays though as they still have a good record without Guerrero playing his best baseball.

Another one of their star players is Bo Bichette, who is also having a down year so far hitting just .258 after hitting .298 or higher in his three previous seasons in the bigs. This is another good sign that this team hasn't reached their full potential this season yet. 

One player who has been a standout so far this year for Toronto is their catcher, Alejandro Kirk. He has been hitting .322 and is just 23-years-old. In addition to him, the Blue Jays added two veteran players in George Springer last season and now Raimel Tapia. These two players are expected to elevate this team this year for that playoff and World Series push.

While the talent and current record is there to get the Blue Jays into the playoffs, it will be harder to make it to the World Series and win it. To get to that point they will have to go through their division rival in the New York Yankees, who have won 13 more games than them at this point already. This year the Blue Jays have only beat the Yankees four times in 12 games. They would likely need to best them in a seven-game series to get to the World Series. 

Can They Get Past the Yankees?

If they can manage to get past the Yankees, then they would also likely have to face the Los Angeles Dodgers in the World Series. The Dodgers have been one of the best teams in the MLB for the past few seasons and won the trophy in 2020. They also have one of the most stacked lineups in the entire league, similar to the New York Yankees. Most people see the Yankees and Dodgers this year as two powerhouses in each league. They have the biggest payrolls and can use that to add even more talent to their already All Star-like rosters. 

The Blue Jays are in the best spot they have been in quite some time to make a run at the playoffs and World Series, yet it seems it will be a tall task to accomplish this season. The talent and experience of the Yankees and Dodgers may be too much for any team in the league to overcome. At this point it seems like it is a two horse race between those teams, but anything can happen in a playoff series. The Blue Jays are hoping that things can go their way come this postseason.

Odds on Toronto Blue Jays to Win the World Series

  • Outright Winner Odds: 12.00

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