Popular Super Bowl Online Betting Markets

Here are the most popular bet types UK bettors place on the Super Bowl.

Super Bowl: Online Betting Markets
Super Bowl: Online Betting Markets

One of the most watched and globally anticipated sporting events of all time is the Super Bowl. This is why, unsurprisingly, many UK bettors bet on the big NFL game.

Betting on the Super Bowl has become an annual pastime for many Brits, whether it's to add another level of excitement to the game or to win some extra cash. In this blog post, the team look at the most common types of bets made by UK residents when betting on the Super Bowl. With the Super Bowl LVII just days away, the below information will come in handy for those comparing their online betting options. Here are the most popular bet types NFL bettors place.

Moneyline Bets on the Super Bowl

In the world of sports gambling, the moneyline bet is the most basic and straightforward bet type. This makes it the most regularly placed bet type of all. A moneyline bet involves betting on which team you believe will win the game outright. This type of bet is popular among UK residents because it is simple to understand and does not require the use of point spreads or other complicated betting systems. It is estimated that 60% of bets placed on Super Bowl games are Moneylines.

Point Spread Bets on the Super Bowl

A point spread bet is a bet option that is based on the favoured team's predicted margin of victory. The team backed must win by a specific number of points for the bettor's bet to be successful. The bettor wins if the underdog team wins or loses by fewer points than they state in their point spread. This type of bet is popular among UK residents because it can add excitement to the game while also increasing the chances of winning. There are plenty of betting sites offering attractive odds on this year's fixture, with William Hill, Coral and Kwiff, to name but a few.

Over/Under Betting on the Super Bowl

The over/under bet is a variation of bet that focuses on the number of points scored during the event. With this particular type of bet, you bet on whether the game's total score will be over/under a certain number. This bet option is popular among UK bettors because it is an easy way to add excitement to the game without worrying about who will win or lose.

Proposition Bets (Props) on the Super Bowl

Prop bets are bets made on specific events or outcomes that may occur during the time that the game is in-play. For instance, you could place a bet on who will score the very first touchdown in the game or how long the national anthem will last. Prop bets are popular with Brits as they add an extra level of fun to the game and allow you to bet on specific events that interest you. So, to conclude, there's a type of bet for everyone, whether you're a seasoned sports bettor or a newcomer.

Betting on the Super Bowl LVII

Check out the homepage to explore the top online betting sites for NFL markets. Some of the best options include BetVictor, Star Sports and Dafabet.