Taking on Templegate - The Sun's Tipping Legend (Day 1)

Feature Challenge: We go head to head with The Sun’s legendary tipster Templegate.

In our new feature 'Challenge the Tipsters’ we have decided to face off against a National Hero in the world of UK horseracing and sports journalism in the form of Templegate (Steve Mullen), The Sun newspaper’s longtime tipster.

The challenge begins on the 5th February and will run until Friday 9th February. We will provide a daily update on the tipster clash and publish results and profits per £10 staked on each tip!! Let the fun begin!

DAY 1 (Mon 5th)

TemplegateOddsProfit (£1)Betting.betOddsProfit (£1)
1:15Tortured Soul - LOST2/1-£10.00Largo Bay - WON17/2£95.00
1:45Local Bay - LOST16/1 -£10.00How impressive - WON5/2£35.00
2:15Hold The Press - LOST7/2-£10.00NeptuneLegend -WON15/8£28.75
2:45Caustic -WON2/1£30.00Lartigue - LOST11/4-£10.00
3:15Shalfa - LOST4/1-£10.00Romilda - LOST8/11-£10.00
3:45Berrygate - LOST6/5-£10.00Bits And Bobs - LOST50/1-£10.00
4:20She Is A Keeper - LOST5/1-£10.00Musical Diva - LOST3/1-£10.00
1:32Diamond Dice - LOST7/2-£10.00Diamond Dice - LOST7/2-£10.00
2:02Gardener - WON7/4£27.50Gardener7/4£27.50
2:32Dontyawantme - WON5/1£60.00Lunar Discovery7/4-£10.00
3:02Royale Margaux - LOST5/4-£10.00Royale Margaux - LOST5/4-£10.00
3:32El Jefe - LOST3/1-£10.00El Jefe - LOST3/1-£10.00
4:07Breeze Of Wind (NAP) - WON11/4£37.50Breeze Of Wind - WON11/4£37.50
4:40Redhill Relic  - LOST10/3-£10.00Danno's Dollar  - LOST7/1-£10.00
4:25Simiyann - LOST8/15-£10.00Animato- LOST 8/1-£10.00
5:00Velvet Vulcan - LOST5/2-£10.00Velvet Vulcan - LOST5/2-£10.00
5:30Sparklight - LOST7/2-£10.00Cast No Shadow - LOST5/2-£10.00
6:00Copper Mountain - LOST15/8-£10.00Copper Mountain - LOST15/8-£10.00
6:30City Cyclone - LOST6/1-£10.00Airshow - LOST12/1-£10.00
7:00Churchella - LOST6/1-£10.00Churchella - LOST6/1-£10.00
7:30Eagle's Realm - WON6/4£25.00Eagles Realm - - WON6/4£25.00
8:00Sibyl Charm - LOST7/4-£10.00Masterclass (NAP) - LOST7/2-£10.00
8:30Heartrate - LOST9/4-£10.00Heartrate - LOST9/4-£10.00

Odds Taken at 20:00 GMT - SkyBet