Ferrari Odds Cut for Constructors Championship

Ferrari's Ambitious Quest for Dominance with the Game-Changing SF-24

Ferrari's new car is expected to close the gap on the Honda Red Bull
Ferrari's new car is expected to close the gap on the Honda Red Bull

Ferrari's gearing up to shake things up in Formula 1 with their latest creation, the SF-24, and they're not shy about setting the bar sky-high. At the flashy launch event, Frederic Vasseur, the man steering the ship, laid it out clear: "must be a consistent front runner" is the team's mantra for the upcoming season. He's adamant that they "must start off where we left off at the end of last season," signaling a no-compromise approach to picking up momentum.

With the release of the new car several online bookies cut the odds on Ferrari winning the next F1 constructors Championship, along with the odds of Charles Leclerc taking the title.

F1 2024 Odds - Ferrari

Constructors Championship

Ferrari 17/2

Drivers Championship 

Charles Leclerc

Charles Leclerc, Ferrari's pole position maestro in the latter part of 2023, is all in. His expectations for the SF-24? "I expect the car to be a step forward in several areas," he shared, already impressed by his test drives in the virtual world. "From the impression I have formed in the simulator, I think we're where we want to be," Leclerc added, hinting at a mix of optimism and readiness to tackle the challenges ahead.

Ferrari's journey last season was a rollercoaster, starting off with a car that seemed to have a mind of its own. But as the year progressed, the tides turned, and they found themselves locking horns with the almighty Red Bulls in qualifying showdowns. Despite their strides, race day victories remained elusive, thanks in part to a bit of bad luck, like in Las Vegas, where a perfectly untimely safety car snatched a potential win from Leclerc's grasp.

Leclerc is banking on the SF-24 being a game-changer, emphasizing, "The SF-24 ought to be less sensitive and easier to drive and that's what you need in order to do well." His goal? To keep Ferrari at the forefront, race after race, giving the fans something to cheer about by "dedicating race wins to them."

Carlos Sainz, the only driver to break Red Bull's win monopoly last year, echoes the sentiment of cautious optimism. "I'm looking forward to driving the car to see if it correlates with the feeling I had from the simulator, which is that it's the step forward we all want," Sainz remarked. He underlines the importance of drivability and consistency as their ticket to contesting for the top spot more fervently.

Under Vasseur's watchful eye, Ferrari is also honing its strategic edge, aiming to outmaneuver the competition with smarter race management. "The longest ever Formula 1 season awaits us," Vasseur pointed out, stressing the need for the team to be "more clinical and effective in how we manage the races, making bold choices," to secure the best outcomes possible.

Diving into the nuts and bolts of the SF-24, Enrico Cardile, the chassis guru, revealed that they're starting fresh. "The new Ferrari is a 'completely new platform,'" he stated, showcasing their ambition to revolutionize their approach. By integrating driver feedback into the design, they're focused on delivering a car that's not only faster but also friendlier at the limit. "We have taken on board what the drivers told us and turned those ideas into engineering reality," Cardile explained, setting the stage for a season of pushing boundaries.

With teaser images hinting at innovative tweaks while keeping the best bits under wraps, Ferrari's SF-24 is shrouded in mystery and potential. It's clear the team is pulling out all the stops to ensure this car brings them back to the forefront, where Ferrari believes they belong. The blend of high hopes, strategic shifts, and technological leaps could make this season one for the books for the storied marque.

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