Tennis Betting: A Casual Guide for Punters

Our Tennis expert touches on the different types of tennis bets, what goes down if a player retires mid-match, as well as where to find the best tennis free bets!

Tennis Betting: A Casual Guide for Punters
Tennis Betting: A Casual Guide for Punters

If you're thinking about dipping your toes into the world of tennis betting, you've landed in just the right spot. It might sound like a no-brainer, but you'd be surprised at how many throw their bets into the ring without knowing the first thing about the sport they're betting on.

So, whether you're just starting out or looking to refresh your tennis betting know-how, we at is here to help. We're about to break down the essentials of tennis, the rules that matter, and how they all tie into the betting scene. Plus, we'll touch on the different types of bets, including what goes down if a player retires mid-match. Let's keep it simple to start, shall we?

Tennis 101: The Basics

Tennis is all about hitting a ball over a net with a racket into your opponent's court, aiming to score points. You get a point if your opponent can't volley the ball back to you over the net. The game kicks off with a serve, and remember, you only get one shot (literally) per action. If the ball bounces out of bounds, that's a point lost.

Scoring: Not as Scary as It Sounds

Tennis scoring might seem like it's out to confuse you, but once you get the hang of it, it's not so bad. Winning games piles up into sets, and bagging enough sets wins you the match. Most matches are a race to win three sets, but the guys at the Grand Slams play a marathon to five.

Here's a quick score rundown:

Starting at 0, you'll move to 15, then 30, and 40. If you hit 40 and score again, you win the game.

If both players are stuck on 40, welcome to deuce-land. You'll need to score two consecutive points from here to snag the game.

To win a set, you're aiming for six games, but with a two-game lead. Hence, 6-4 is a common sight. Tied at 6-6? It's tie-break time to decide the set.

Betting on Tennis: The Lowdown

Alright, now for the fun part—betting! With the basics of tennis down, let's talk bets. Knowing your stuff is key to placing smart bets, so let's dive into the core betting rules you should have up your sleeve.

The Big Picture: Outright Betting

Outright betting is all about the long game, picking who'll take home the trophy in the big tournaments like the Grand Slams. You can bet on the whole shebang—singles, doubles, you name it.

Match Betting: Pick Your Winner

Similar to picking a winner in a football match, match betting in tennis means backing the player (or duo) you think will win a specific match. Tennis is all about advancing through rounds, so every win is crucial.

Set Betting: The Score Predictor

Fancy guessing the exact score in sets? Set betting lets you do just that, adding a sprinkle of precision (and ambition) to your betting strategy.

Game and Point Betting: In-Play Action

Dive into the specifics with game betting, predicting scores in individual service games, especially during live matches where odds are ever-changing. Point betting takes it a notch higher, allowing you to bet on who'll win the next point, often favouring the server.

Levelling the Playing Field: Handicap Betting

Handicap betting evens out the odds, applying a "weight" to the final score. It's perfect for matches with a clear favourite, offering a way to bet on underdogs or favourites with adjusted odds.

Stats Betting: For the Detail-Oriented

If you're more about the journey than the destination, stats betting is your go-to. Bet on specifics like most aces or total games, perfect for those who love digging into the details.

And there you have it—a casual stroll through the world of tennis betting. Whether you're here to make a quick buck or just add a bit of excitement to match day, knowing these basics will definitely give you an edge. Ready to place your bets?

Tennis Betting Events for 2024

Let's break down the biggest tennis events of the year, where both men and women battle it out on the court. These are the ones everyone talks about, the Grand Slams:

  • Australian Open: Kicking things off in Melbourne, Australia, this hard-court slam happens in the heat of January. It's the first big tennis showdown of the year
  • French Open (Roland Garros): Fast forward to late May or early June, we hit the clay courts of Paris, France. This one's all about mastering the slow, tricky surface.
  • Wimbledon: Then, it's off to London, UK, for the most prestigious of them all, held from late June to early July. Wimbledon's all about tradition, strawberries and cream, and, of course, grass courts.
  • US Open: Wrapping up the Grand Slam calendar, the US Open takes place in New York City from late August to early September, bringing some hard-court action to the summer's end.

But wait, there's more to the tennis year than just the Slams. We've got the following:

  • ATP Finals and WTA Finals: Think of these as the season-ending parties where only the top-ranked players get an invite. It's a big deal to qualify, and the matches are always epic.
  • Masters 1000 (for the guys) and Premier Mandatory/Premier 5 (for the gals): These tournaments are scattered throughout the year, offering big points and are key stops for players aiming to climb the rankings. They're held in cool places around the globe, from Indian Wells to Miami, Madrid, and beyond.
  • Olympic Games Tennis Tournament: Not an annual event, but when it happens every four years, it's a massive deal. Winning an Olympic medal is a dream for many players, right up there with snagging a Grand Slam title.

So, there you have it—the top-tier tennis tournaments that give punters betting opportunities all year round. Whether it's the historic grass of Wimbledon or the hard courts of the Aussie and US Opens, each tournament has its own flavour and set of challenges. And let's not forget the clay courts of Roland Garros, where every slide and grind can lead to victory or defeat. Plus, the year-round action of the ATP and WTA tours keeps the game interesting with plenty of drama, upsets, and breakthrough performances.

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