Grand National - A Couple to Keep an Eye on

Barry Hill's digs out a couple for the Grand National, a winner and an each way chance to consider.

Grand National - A Couple to Keep an Eye on
Grand National - A Couple to Keep an Eye on

With Cheltenham just around the corner and all the coverage being on that we thought we sneak in a couple of Grand National tips in for you to look int he ante post markets. Don't forget to look out for NRNB bookies who rightly give your moiety back if your horse does not take part at Aintree on Saturday April 13th.

In the high-stakes world of horse racing, particularly at the Grand National, savvy bettors have enjoyed a lucrative streak in recent years. This golden period can largely be attributed to the cream of the crop emerging victorious in four out of the last five races, a trend that's captivated the betting community. The reasons behind this shift towards market leaders dominating the field might be multifaceted, yet a significant factor is the modification of the Aintree fences. These changes have seemingly reduced the unpredictability of the race, transforming Aintree into a less daunting challenge than its former glory days.

Corach Rambler's triumph last year was a textbook example of a favorite living up to expectations, offering bettors a handsome reward. With the Gold Cup on the horizon, Corach Rambler's performance there could heavily influence his odds, potentially making the current 14-1 a bargain for early bettors. His affinity for Aintree's course was evident last year, and despite carrying 13lb more this time, he's positioned to compete off a mark equal to that of Tiger Roll's historic second National win.

Analyzing last year's race footage, it's hard not to see the potential for Vanillier to outperform expectations and overturn his previous second-place finish. Traditionally, his jumping ability might have been a concern, but last year's performance proved otherwise, finishing stronger than any, including the winner. With Sean Flanagan expected to deliver another stellar ride, and Gavin Cromwell's exceptional season in Britain, Vanillier stands out not just as a contender, but as the betting favorite at 14-1.

The narrative extends beyond these top contenders. The race's British-trained horse representation is dwindling, with 2015 marking the last English-trained winner. Yet, hope shines with prospects like Monbeg Genius and Nassalam. Notably, Kitty's Light from Wales, with a commendable track record in marathon chases, emerges as a tailor-made candidate for the modern National, promising an exhilarating finish for bettors rallying behind him.

The field is packed with potential dark horses and undervalued bets. Mahler Mission and Chemical Energy present intriguing propositions, despite the former's absence since November. The Irish Grand National victor I Am Maximus and the esteemed Minella Indo are also on the radar, alongside the Kerry National leaders, Desertmore House and Salvador Ziggy, offering enticing odds for those looking to wager beyond the favorites.

In summary, the Grand National stands as a pinnacle event for bettors, offering a blend of predictability with the market leaders and the thrilling unpredictability of underdogs and dark horses. With the fences lowered and the course less formidable, the emphasis on strategic betting has never been more pronounced, promising a race where knowledge, insight, and timing could turn the tables in favor of those willing to take calculated risks.

In Summary

  • Recent Trends Favoring Market Leaders: In the Grand National, a notable trend has emerged with four of the last five winners being among the favorites. This shift toward less unpredictability may be attributed to the modifications in the course, particularly the lowering of fences, making Aintree a less challenging jumping test than it used to be.
  • Corach Rambler's Prospects: Last year's easy winner, Corach Rambler, is eyed keenly for the Gold Cup. With expectations high, his current odds of 14-1 might shorten if he performs well in the Gold Cup. Despite being 13lb heavier this year, he races off a competitive mark, similar to that of Tiger Roll’s second National win.
  • Vanillier's Potential for a Turnaround: The runner-up of last year, Vanillier, despite not being a standout jumper, finished strongly, barely making any jumping errors. With only a 4lb higher mark and an excellent ride last year, Vanillier is considered a strong contender to win, backed by favorable odds of 14-1.
  • Strategic Betting Insights: The narrative suggests a strategic approach to betting, highlighting Vanillier as a potential winner based on last year's performance and current form, challenging the traditional preference for picking less obvious contenders.
  • Impact of Safety Limit on Participation: The safety limit set at 34 impacts the number of British-trained horses in the race, with the last England-trained winner being Many Clouds in 2015. This could influence betting strategies, focusing on horses trained outside of England.
  • Kitty's Light as a Dark Horse: Kitty's Light, trained in Wales, emerges as a compelling choice, having won significant races and being well-prepared for the National. His record in long-distance races and preparation specifically aimed at Aintree make him a noteworthy bet.
  • Mahler Mission and Chemical Energy: Both are highlighted for their potential in the race, despite Mahler Mission's absence from racing since November. Chemical Energy's prospects are also underlined, suggesting they could be valuable picks for bettors looking for options beyond the favorites.
  • Irish Grand National Winner and Other Contenders: I Am Maximus, along with Minella Indo and other underdogs like Desertmore House and Salvador Ziggy, are mentioned as interesting bets, offering a wide range of options for bettors looking for value beyond the immediate favorites.

Tips Odds


14/1 - NAGS

Kitty's Light

18/1 - NAGS