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Online sports betting in the US is now legal in 24 states. As more and more brands enter the market, you'll need to know who to trust and who's got the best offers. provides insight into the legal sports betting markets. So, whether you are searching for the best betting lines in New Jersey or election betting odds in New York, we can navigate you to where you need to be.

Best US Sports Betting Apps

Looking to place online spots bets via a mobile app? Here are the best US sports betting sites with FREE mobile applications!

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    4 ★ 1396 ratings
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    4 ★ 643 ratings
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    4 ★ 1171 ratings
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    4 ★ 553 ratings
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    4.5 ★ 1049 ratings
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    Fox Bet

    3.5 ★ 948 ratings

US Sports Betting Sites of the Month

Our top sports betting sites for the month! Check out our recommendations, based on betting line value, sports betting offers and bet-enhancing features.

NFL Sports Betting Sites

Place point spreads, moneylines, props, futures and more on our trusted NFL sports betting sites:

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    SI Sportsbook

    5 ★ 1427 ratings
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An Introduction to US Sports Betting Sites  

The US has a long history of involvement with sports betting. While each state has its own unique set of gambling laws to battle with, America now sits at the center of the online betting industry. The biggest turning point for the US betting industry was the elimination of PASPA; a federal law that prohibited US states from introducing any laws that involved the legalization of gambling. The overthrowing of PASPA was a decision backed by states, leagues and gambling providers. The overturning of this law, which was sanctioned in May 2018, was the beginning of the rapid expansion of legalized sports betting, seeing many states vote in favor of legalization and launch online sports betting sites. 

Within weeks of the demise of PASPA, online bets were processed in states including Delaware and New Jersey, with many more to follow. Today, online bettors can legally access betting sites in Arizona, Colorado, Delaware, Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Michigan, Nevada, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Tennessee, Virginia, West Virginia, New Hampshire, Oregon, Rhode Island, Montana, Wyoming among others, with the list of states legalizing betting forever-growing.

Compare US Sports Betting Sites on 

There are a long list of factors that will impact your sports betting experience. This is why at we profile the best in the business, providing a live feed to the best offers from the best bookmakers. 

Whether you are looking to bet on professional or collegiate events, has you covered.

In addition to recommendations, the team also provides engaging and useful content in the form of blog posts, betting guides and wagering tips; all of which have been created to enrich your online betting experience. 

Compare leading US betting sites today and ensure you are making the most of your online betting sessions.

US Betting News

Betting Markets on US Sports Betting Sites 

As online betting has gathered pace, US betting sites have diversified their online wagering options substantially. Now, US bettors can place wagers on a vast variety of international sports markets, as well as unique and niche markets that sit outside the remit of sport. So, whether you are seeking NFL odds and wish to wager on the Dolphins to win their next match, or are searching for election betting odds for the next presidential vote, you will be able to find the odds you need from one of the many online bookmakers in your state. 

The most common sports betting markets found on US betting sites include athletics, Aussie rules, badminton, baseball, basketball, beach soccer, volleyball, biathlon, boxing, chess, cricket, cross country, cycling, darts, boxing, MMA, field hockey, floorball, football, golf, handball, hockey, horse racing, lacrosse, soccer, tennis, table tennis, motor racing, rugby league and rugby union. However, more US betting sites are starting to list odds on obscure markets such as futsal, competitive eating, eSports, lawn bowl, rowing and so much more! 

Betting Types to Wager in the US

While the types of bets you can wager will differ from one betting site to the next, there are a few primary types of sports bets all US bettors need to be aware of and understand. Below, we cover the most popular: 

  • Moneyline bets: A moneyline bet, or win bet as they are referred to outside the US, are straightforward bet types where the player predicts which team will win a certain game or match. For instance, if you wager a moneyline bet on the LA Lakers to win an NBA match and they do, your bet will be successful.
  • Total bets: Total bets, or over/unders bets, are also basic in their premise. When placing a total bet, the sportsbook will specify how many points/goals they believe will be scored in a game. A player can then wager on whether the end score will be over or under that. If you pick correctly, the wager will be a winner!
  • Points bets: A points bet is a popular type of bet where the player will first state which team they believe will win a certain game. They will then predict the total number of points they think that team will win a specified game by. This figure will either be over or under the figure presented on the betting site.
  • Futures bets: Futures bets, which are also referred to as outright bets, are when a player wagers on the outright winner of a tournament, competition or league. It is best practice to lay future bets well in advance before the action begins. This is where the name ‘futures’ comes from, as they are bets usually associated with events way in the future. An example would be to place a bet on who will win the NBA Final before the season has commenced.
  • Prop bets: Prop bets, short for proposition bets, are bets that can cover just about anything and everything, giving players the chance to make more precise predictions. This could range from the first player to score a touchdown to the likelihood of a hole-in-one occurring in a golf tournament. They are certainly suited to thrill-seekers and those that have a very particular hunch about something happening. Plus, prop bets are not just reserved for sporting events. Some US betting sites will allow you to wager on reality TV, award wins and so much more! These are commonly called ‘fun props’.
  • Parlays: Parlays, also known as accumulators, are bets that incorporate various selections; all of which have to be correct for the wager to be successful. For instance, if you are looking to place a horse racing parlay, you could select 6 different horses to win their respective races. If they do, it's a victory for you! Please note that acca bets can be placed on all types of sports, including football, soccer, baseball, basketball, golf and more.
  • Teasers: A teaser bet is a sort of enhanced parlay. Once you have made your multiple selections to form your wager, you can move the point spread in your favor. This in turn alters the odds and the risk factor.
  • Pleasers: A pleaser bet has the same premise but rather than moving the point spread in your favor, you move the other way, making it hard for your bet to be a winning wager. While more risk is involved, the sum you stand to win from the pleaser will be considerably higher.
  • If bets: If bets are notoriously the most difficult to understand due to their complex, multi-layered nature. An if bet is when a player places multiple straight wagers that are connected with a common cause. The result of the first wager will dictate whether or not the next wager in the if bet can be placed.

Top US Sports Betting Events

The US is the home of high-profile sporting events. From NBA and MLB to Boxing, America has produced some of the most iconic sporting superstars and teams in existence. From a betting point of view, there are hundreds of thousands of US sporting events of interest to bettors. Below are famously the most bet-on: 

Super Bowl: The Super Bowl is an iconic event on the US sporting calendar. Being the biggest NFL game of the year, the Super Bowl is understandably a key betting event for Americans. Over 60% of American adults wager on the Super Bowl, with the annual championship game being the most televised and anticipated football match there is! This is why betting sites such as Draftkings and BetMGM go to such great lengths to offer Super Bowl free bets, wagering tokens and other competitive promotions. What's more, there are an increasing number of Super Bowl betting markets. Whether you want to place a moneyline bet, futures bet, teaser bet or wish to wager on who will be the MVP (Most Valuable Player), you can. Players also have the option to bet on the half-time performance. Whether it be guessing who the performer will be or what songs they will sing, there will be a way to make money from your Super Bowl predictions. 

World Series: Major League Baseball is a worldwide attraction, with the World Series being up there with the most viewed and wagered-on events. The yearly seven-game series sees the winner of the reputable National League and American League compete for the World Series title. It is safe to predict that every active sportsbook in America will offer odds on the World Series. Futures bets are hugely popular in this market.

March Madness: College football betting has gathered incredible momentum in recent years, with new legal betting sites carrying odds on college teams from all over America. The NCAA College Basketball Tournament, which is often referred to as March Madness, is a single-elimination tournament that comprises 68 teams; all of which are competing to be crowned national champions. Famed for its incredible upsets are underdog success stories, March Madness is fascinating from a betting point of view. This is why the tournament is one of the most bet-on sporting events in America. According to The American Gaming Association, around $8.5 billion is wagered on the men’s tournament each year. That equates to bets wagered by 47 million American adults.

NBA Playoffs: With around 10 million people watching each game, the NBA playoffs understandably conjure up interest amongst bettors. With the tournament being a true test of East and West talent, Americans from all over enjoy wagering game, team and player futures during the Playoffs. 

Kentucky Derby: The Kentucky Derby is widely accepted as the most significant horse race to take place on US soil, commonly referred to as “the most exciting two minutes in sports”. With roots dating back to 1875, this is a race heavily ingrained in US sporting culture, with the annual race being wagered on by millions. Held at the famous Churchill Downs racecourse in Louisville, wagers on the event are eye-wateringly high. According to sources, the 2019 running saw more than $250 million wagered! Betting on the Kentucky Derby is so popular that the owners of the race track, Churchill Downs Incorporated, decided to launch its own sportsbook; Twin Spires. Twin Spires, named after the iconic Twin Spires towers at the course, is now one of America’s most acclaimed horse racing betting sites. 

Other big betting events US bettors wager on include the Stanley Cup, US Open, Olympics, UFC matches, heavyweight Boxing and the World Cup. 

Betting Sites: Top Features to Look Out For 

Due to the large volume of US betting sites now accessible, researching which is best to sign up to can be a tedious, lengthy task. Our advice would be to focus on betting sites that are rich in features. This is because operators with advanced technology and innovative tools will be well equipped to provide fun and engaging gambling sessions. 

The most important features to look out for are: 

Live betting: Betting sites with live betting as a feature give players a whole world of extra markets and betting positions to explore. From predicting when the next NBA player will score a hoop to wagering on the next footballer to be tackled, the opportunities are endless. Some betting sites go one step further than this and permit players to stream events live in their browser or via an app. This only intensifies the online betting experience. 

Cash out: Cash out is a tool that permits players to win money from their wagers before the event they have wagered on has concluded. For instance, if you have bet on the Chicago Bulls to beat the Golden State Warriors in a game and the Chicago Bull are winning at halftime, you can cash out there and then and claim an amended winning fee. Also, if a bet is not going your way, you can cash out and retain some of your wager money. 

Betting promotions: Only the best betting sites have a promotions list, with high-value promos and deals able to reduce risk while increasing a player’s bankroll. The most lucrative betting promotions found on US betting sites are free bets, bonus reloads, acca insurance deals, loyalty rewards, odds boosts and payout boosts. 

Dedicated betting apps: The majority of bettors prefer to place their wagers via a mobile device, whether that be a laptop, smartphone or tablet. For this reason, most betting sites have launched dedicated sports betting apps, some of which have huge advantages to using. From additional promotions to unique betting tools, betting apps can offer unique betting options in abundance. 

Responsible gambling tools: The more seriously a betting operator takes the subject of responsible gambling, the better. This is because all players want to feel safe when gambling with their chosen provider. As well as having to adhere to strict rules set out by their license provider, betting sites should go above and beyond what is technically required of them. Betting sites such as DraftKings, William Hill, Caesars and BetAmerica offer on-site support as well as a range of safe gambling tools. These include the ability to enforce a cool-off period, close your betting account completely and access details for gambling addiction groups and charities. 

Customer support: Betting sites with a strong customer support infrastructure are worth their weight in gold. This is because features such as live chat only help players navigate the services on offer and access the help they need when they need it. 

Betting Site Promotions Worth Claiming

As mentioned above, the best betting sites will understand the need to offer lucrative promotions to keep their players happy and engaged. However, it is important that you can separate the great offers from the below-par ones. Here are just a few of the most advantageous betting offers you will find on US betting sites: 

Free bets: Free bets are essentially free betting tokens that give players the option to bet without impacting their bankroll. Free bets are the ultimate betting promotion. This is due to the fact that they limit risk and up potential profits. That said, free bets can come in different formats. These include no deposit free bets, risk-free bets, free bet bundles and more. This is why you must educate yourself on the requirements set out in the terms and conditions of each offer. Only then will you know if the free bets are worth it. 

Refer a friend bonuses: Betting sites are constantly looking for ways to encourage new players to register with them. One of the many effective ways bookmakers achieve this is through refer-a-friend bonus deals. As their name suggests, these bonuses are issued to players when they recommend a betting site to a ‘friend’. The process of making the referral is incredibly simple too, with most betting sites allowing players to invite friends to the site via email, text and even social media.

Loyalty rewards: Encouraging loyalty can be hard for betting sites. With new betting operators launching all the time, players understandably switch between multiple providers. This is why many bookmakers have started to feature loyalty programs, issuing loyalty rewards to players that bet regularly via their site. These rewards can come in all types of varieties. From free bets and bonuses to enhanced customer support and tickets to sporting events. 

Bet boosts: Many betting sites will offer enhanced payouts on select winning wagers. These are commonly called ‘bet boosts’, ‘enhanced payouts’ amongst other names. They essentially make bets more lucrative for the player. 

Parlay insurance: Parlays are one of the riskiest yet rewarding bet types you will find on US betting sites. This is why parlay insurance promotions are so highly in demand, giving players a comfort blanket should one of their selections lose. For instance, if you place a 5-fold football parlay and one of your predictions is incorrect, with parlay insurance the bookmaker will still payout on the bet. In recent times, multi-sport parlay insurance deals have become readily available via betting sites in various states. 

Safe Online Betting Tips: How to Wager Responsibly 

One of the reasons it took so long for American states to legalize gambling was the threat of gambling-related harm. This is why every legal US betting site needs to put safe gambling pillars in place to protect its community of players. These responsible gambling measures are required for online betting sites to be issued with a gambling license. 

As well as profiling the best online betting sites for safe gambling, we have also compiled a list of safe online betting tips. So, if you want to ensure you are airing on the right side of caution while betting online, be sure to take the below advice on board.

Introduce a betting budget: You mustn't spend money you don’t have spare to bet with. This is why it can be beneficial to introduce an online betting budget, dedicating a small pot of money to your gambling activities. 

Remember that gambling is a form of entertainment: Betting is a fun and entertaining pastime; not a way to make money. When betting online, it will serve you well to remember this, focusing more on the fun aspect of betting rather than a method to earn money.  

Do not gamble when you are intoxicated: If intoxicated when betting online, it is likely that you will take more risks than usual and could well exceed your gambling budget. This is why it is advised to only gamble when you have a clear head and can make rational decisions regarding your bets. 

Take a break: Taking time out from your betting activities is a worthwhile task, allowing you the headspace to reevaluate your betting techniques, budgets and decide whether or not you are still having fun! 

Utilize safe online betting tools: All legal US betting sites will have a safe gambling policy. However, the best betting sites will have safe gambling tools integrated into their platforms. These include ‘time out’, which allows players to take time out and lock themselves out of their betting accounts for a short amount of time. Betting sites will have their own policies and options around timeframes. Another safe gambling tool that is highly effective in helping gamblers stay safe is self exclusion. This enforces a complete block of your betting account for at least 6 months. 

  • The best betting sites are those that are fully licensed and offer a good level of customer support to players. Other important factors include having a lengthy list of betting promotions, a fast payout policy and a solid list of sports betting markets to wager on. At, we have created our website in a way that helps US bettors make more informed decisions about their wagering. From responsible gambling advice to US bookmaker reviews, we can help you navigate the world of betting!

  • In most cases, US online betting sites will promote new player bonuses, giving new customers the option to claim a welcome free bet. These can vary in price and restrictions. This is why it is essential that all players read the terms and conditions attached to their new player free bets. As well as welcome bonuses, many US betting providers will also give away bonuses to existing players. This can be very successful in encouraging loyalty amongst US bettors.

  • Free bets come in a variety of formats. From risk-free bets to no deposit free bets, the list of options is never-ending. To decide whether or not free bets are worth claiming, pay close attention to the deposit and wagering requirements set out in the terms and conditions. Only then will you be able to tell if the reward outweighs the risk. In our experience, some of the best American betting sites for free bets include William Hill, 888Sport, 10bet and BetRivers.

  • If you feel you have become addicted to online betting sites then you must seek help from friends, family or a gambling charity. You should also consider utilizing safe gambling tools such as time out and self exclusion. Read our responsible gambling guide for more details and support.

  • Each US state has its own set of qualifying criteria with regard to age. Where most US states require players to be at least 18 years old, some states have introduced a ban on online gambling for those under the age of 21. All betting sites will clearly state the age you need to be to register on its signup page.

  • Betting sites will have their unique list of sports you can bet on via them. However, the majority of betting sites will cover the most popular markets. These include football, soccer, baseball, basketball, horse racing, golf, boxing, cricket and tennis.

  • To set up an online betting account, you will need to provide information including your name, age, address, email address, bank account details and more. You will also be required to create a username and password. Betting sites may also want you to provide proof of identification to verify your account.

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